Graduation Party Banners & Standees


Graduation banners are a fun way to decorate for your party. Personalized, weatherproof, multiple sizes, lots of colors ... there are plenty of options available. Most banners are reasonably priced but if you're decorating on a budget, you can easily create your own.


Online party stores like Century Novelty and Cool Glow have some fun and unique options to choose from:



Graduation Decorations from Century Novelty

Graduation Decorations from Cool Glow

Graduation Decorations
from Century Novelty

Graduation Decorations
from Cool Glow






Graduation Banners are popular for decorating inside or outside. Hang them up the day before or a few days before your graduation party. They will help build excitement and it leaves one less thing for you to do on the day of the party.


A banner hung outdoors a few days early lets everyone in your neighborhood know you have a graduate in the house and reminds them of the upcoming party.


Graduation BannerThere are a few different options for banners - indoors or outdoors, photo or no photo, and personalized or not. And there are many different styles to choose from.


Think about where you want to hang a banner. If outdoors, then make sure you get a weather-resistant one. You can hang it out well before your party and never have to worry about the rain or wind ruining it.


A banner hung outdoors a few days before your party lets everyone know you have a grad in the house and your graduation party is coming up. One of our friends co-hosted a party for three graduating seniors on their cul-de-sac. Each family hung photos on poster boards on their garage along with personalized banners.


Your local party store may also have some banners to choose from. Or check with your local printing companies.


If weather is an issue in your area (wind or rain), look for vinyl weather-resistant banners or plan to hang your outside banners on the day of your party.



Door Banners & Vertical Banners

Door banners, scene setters and wall graphics are other great options.


Door banners are just like the horizontal banners above except they're vertical and they fit perfectly on any size door. They're a great option if you don't have anywhere to hang a horizontal banner. Door banners also offer a great decorating touch to your front door.



Scene Setters

Scene setters allow you to "set the scene". If your graduation party has a "theme" like a Mexican Fiesta for example then look for scene setters that will enhance that theme. Online party stores are great places to find scene setters. 



Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are becoming more and more popular these days. There are graduation themed wall graphics as well as life size photo wall graphics which are a lot of fun. Just pick out your favorite photo of your grad doing something they love to do and bring it to your local printer. Many of them can create life size photos for you to put on your wall. Add your own custom speech bubble graphic for even more fun!



Make Your Own Banner

You can save money by making your own banner. Recruit your grad or some artistic and creative friends to help. Maybe this is a job you can delegate to someone who has offered to help?



Money Saving Tip

Money Saving Tip:  Save money and make your own banner by cutting out big numbers for the year and your graduate's name. Use black to stand out or use paper in your grad's school colors.

Or buy a non-personalized banner ... it can re-used by other graduates!

Graduation Banner