Outdoor Graduation Decorations


Graduation decorations don't have to be limited to indoors, especially if your guests will be spending all or some of their time outside on your deck or in your yard. Even if your party is an indoor celebration, there are decorations you can put outside to greet your guests and to let everyone know about the celebration inside.


It's especially fun to put up outdoor decorations a few days early as it builds excitement for the big day. Just make sure your outdoor decorations are weather resistant or the forecast doesn't call for wind or rain!


Graduation Display - Sports JerseysIf your party will be mostly outside then use a clothesline, fence or the side of your house to hang posters or mementos from your graduate's life.


Sports jerseys & uniforms, dance costumes, figure skating outfits, prom dresses, graduation gown & mortarboard, and college apparel are some fun examples of what can be hung outside as a tribute to your graduate.


Or create poster boards with pictures of your grad - sports pictures, school pictures, pictures with friends & family - and hang these on your fence or the side of your house.


Just make sure you don't hang things outside too early though, in case it rains or gets windy. Hanging them the day of the party is best.



Yard Signs

Graduation Yard SignsYard signs are a fun way to greet your guests and guide them to your party location.  Put them on your front lawn, on the corner of your street, or even at the entranceway of your subdivision!


If you're holding your party in your back yard, you can even use a yard sign to guide people around the back of your house or through your gate rather than having them come through your house.


Some yard signs are weather-resistant so you can put them out ahead of time.  If the elements are an issue for you then look for this feature.


Yard signs can be personalized or not.  Personalized signs are one more way to honor your graduate.  And they're especially helpful if there's more than one graduation party going on in your neighborhood at the same time.  We know of one guest who went to a party only to realize about half an hour after they arrived they were at the wrong party! 


Yard Signs to choose from including weather-resistant, inflatable, and laminated cardboard signs. They should be available at your local party store or at any online party store.


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Graduation Party BalloonsBalloons are an economical way to decorate outside.  You can create balloon bouquets for outside tables and you can line your driveway and walkways.  Balloons on your lawn can be kept in place with large nails or tent pegs.


Keep in mind that after a while air and helium leaks out of balloons, so don't hang them or put them outside too early.  Latex balloons lose air and helium much faster than Mylar.  Latex balloons will usually last only a day while Mylar balloons will last for several days.


Stick to your color theme, use balloons in your grad's high school or college colors, or use graduation-themed balloons.  But be sure to order them ahead of time, especially if you want a lot.  The selection of graduation balloons is incredible, so go in to the store and select them ahead of time.  Most stores require prepayment for large orders.


Online party stores have lots of fun graduation balloons including Mylar balloons in the shape of the year and latex balloons decorated with mortar boards. They also have helium tanks, balloon closures and balloon weights. You should also be able to find graduation themed balloons at your local party store.


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Graduation Banners

Graduation BannersGraduation Banners are a great way to acknowledge your graduate.  Some banners are weather-resistant so you can easily hang them outside without worrying about the elements.


Banners come in many different sizes and styles and can be personalized or non-personalized so you can use them over and over.


Check online party stores or your local printer for their selections of banners. Many styles allow you to include one or more photos so look for this as an option if you want to include photos. Some banners are weather resistant which is a great option if you plan to hang them outside.


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