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Printed graduation invitations can be ordered locally from local printers or online from a variety of online websites. There are many options available. You choose the style, colors, photos or graphics, and the wording you want, and the supplier will do the rest.


Two of our favorite online graduation invitation websites are Tiny Prints and Carlson Craft. They both offer fun, casual and modern graduation invitations at affordable prices. Carlson Craft also offers more classic and traditional invitations as well as graduation announcements.


Printed graduation invitations come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. And new options are added every year. There are way too many choices to list them all on our website!


Visit our favorite partner websites to see what they have to offer. Make sure you also look for any deals they might have.



Graduation Invitations from Tiny Prints

Graduation Invitations from Carlson Craft

click here to visit Tiny Prints

click here to visit Carlson Craft



While Tiny Prints and Carlson Craft are two of our favorite printers, there are plenty of other reliable printers out there as well. Here's a list of some of the ones we recommend:


Tiny Prints

Carlson Craft Graduation Invitations


Snapfish Graduation Cards


Each website lets you choose the invitation style you want, change background colors (for many styles), pick from several different verses (or write your own), choose your font style, upload one or more photos (for photo invitations) and choose the quantity you need. Some even let you order a sample invitation first if you're having trouble deciding.


Tiny Prints, Carlson Craft and many of the other online printers offer more casual and contemporary graduation invitations. Carlson Craft also has more traditional, more formal graduation invitations and announcements. Snapfish offers lots of budget-conscious styles.


Invitation costs vary widely, especially between printers. This is due to a number of things so when you are picking your invitation and looking at the cost make sure you also check what's included - the size of the invitation, the finish, the quality of the paper or cardstock, whether envelopes are included in the cost, etc.


For many invitation styles you can also find matching or coordinating Thank You Cards, Return Address Labels and Graduation Contact Cards.


Ordering online is a good way to shop. You can take your time browsing the many different options without feeling any pressure. If you're overwhelmed with the choices and if you have time then consider ordering a sample or two before you make your final decision.


Casual & Contemporary Graduation Invitations

Graduation Invitations from Tiny PrintsCasual Graduation Invitations have many of the same features as Classic Invitations but they tend to be a little lighter, a little more fun. And they're usually a little less expensive.


Tiny Prints and Carlson Craft both have a huge selection of fun graduation invitations to choose from.


You can choose the style you want, a verse you like (or write your own), select a font style, use one or more photos, and change the colors (for some invitations).


Photo Graduation Invitations and Photo Graduation Announcements include one or more photos of your grad.


Some people use a formal graduation picture such as the grad in their graduation cap & gown and some people use a more casual photo. The choice is yours and there really is no right or wrong way. 


For graduation invitations with more than one photo you can use current photos of your grad or a mix of current photos and photos of when the grad was a baby or small child. 


Formal & Classic Graduation Invitations

Graduation InvitationsFormal & Classic Graduation Invitations usually include an ensemble of invitation items including the announcement itself, inner and outer envelopes, name cards, and open house cards. You can order these locally or through an online website.


Carlson Craft has plenty of different styles to choose from. Like the casual invitations above, you can pick a style, choose a verse or create your own, pick a font style, and change the colors (for selected invitations).


These graduation invitations often come with matching Thank You Cards as well.


Click here to see Carlson Craft's selection and to order.



Money saving Tips:  Your graduate may come home and ask for 20 more invitations to pass out at school.  Either order more invitations than you plan to mail and avoid a reorder, or make a more economical version for the kids. Check Snapfish for less expensive photo postcards or print your own invitations using DIY graduation invitations (see our selection on our Print-It-Yourself webpage).



Photo Stamps & Collegiate Stamps

Don't forget to get stamps, too. For your graduation invitations as well as your thank you cards. A popular trend in celebrations is PhotoStamps. You can turn your grad's photo into real US postage using PhotoStamps.


Add another fun & unexpected touch by using these one-of-a-kind stamps on your invitations and thank you cards.


Graduation Stamps


Graduation Return Address Labels

Graduation Return Address LabelsGraduation themed return address labels are super-convenient for grads & parents to use.  Use them on Graduation Invitations, Announcements and Thank You Cards.


Online websites like Tiny Prints and Carlson Craft offer several choices at reasonable prices. Go to their websites to see what they have and to order.


Return Address Labels may also be available from your local print shop.  Go to our Local Resources webpage to find print shops in your area.


Graduation Envelope Seals

Enhance the look of your Graduation Invitations, Announcements and Thank You Cards with graduation themed envelope seals.


The same online websites that offer graduation invitations also offer addons like these envelope seals and the return address labels above. Tiny Prints and Carlson Craft both offer several choices at reasonable prices. Some invitations even have matching or coordinating addons and some have photo options.


Graduation Envelope Seals also offers envelope seals in our online E-Shopping store.  Click here to check out our selection.


Photo Confetti & Wordfetti

Photo ConfettiSome people like to spice up their graduation invitations and thank you cards by including a little bit of confetti in them. Why not go the extra step and add some Photofetti


Photofetti is photo confetti made with your photos and Wordfetti is congratulatory messages. Both are mixed with colorful accents. 


In addition to including it with your graduation invitations and thank you cards, you can also sprinkle it on your tables the day of your party.



Warning!  You may not be able to use a professional photo for photo announcements unless you have a written waiver from the photographer. So check with your invitation supplier to see what their requirements are and call your photographer to obtain a one-time copyright waiver. Your supplier may need a copy of this. Your photographer may charge a small amount of money. This varies by photographer.

Or choose photos you took yourself for your graduation announcements or invitations.