Co-hosting a Grad Party for more than one Graduate


Does your graduate have friends or relatives who are also graduating? Perhaps two or three families could get together and host one large party. Joint parties take some coordinating, but sharing in the shopping, food preparation and expenses will likely be worth the effort.


Before you commit to co-hosting discuss the following key elements with the other parents and make sure you have consensus:

  • General budget ideas ($300 - $500 per family?)
  • Location options
  • Date and time
  • How many people will each family invite and who will organize the invitation production?
  • Menu - general idea of what to serve
  • Beverages –serve non-alcoholic beverages only?

Cohosting Invitation



Once you agree on a general plan, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Communication is key
  • Divvy up the responsibilities and put them in writing
  • Invitation lists: Will each person invite the same number of guests? Common friends vs. family specific? Each family can be responsible for mailing their own invitations, but they need to commit to a number of invites for the order.
  • Just kids? Or are neighbors and family welcome?
  • Graduation Water Bottles Anne Marie Pierce Photography Graduation Water BottlesWho will design the invitation? Will you use photos of the graduates?
  • Purchasing decisions: Do your research and get back together to make decisions, or agree to a limit.
  • Avoid last minute additions of expensive food or entertainment! This is when arguments occur.
  • Treat graduates equally - same cake, same amount of space for tribute boards, photographs, etc.
  • Share the workload, unless one parent wants to do more of the shopping or preparations.
  • Discuss behavior with kids ahead of time - when they are expected to help with set up and clean up, how to greet their guests, what to wear, etc.
  • All families should help with picking up things, set up, and clean up.