Entertainment - A Fun Way to Make Your Party Unique


If you really want your party to be special, hiring entertainment can make a huge impact. Tell people in your invitation so they know what's up! 


Murder MysteryHere's a list of ideas:


Murder Mystery Performance

Looking to solve the crime of the typical graduation party? Here's a clue! Murder mysteries promote great interaction between all your guests. Someone will die in a funny way and everyone investigates to discover who the killer is! Shows run 2 hours and professional troupes provide characters, props and murder!

For more clues, check out The Murder Mystery Company.

  • D.J. or Karaokee:  Dance the night away to your graduate's favorites or get your guests to sing for the crowd. Look in our Local Products & Services section or Google DJ's or Karaoke in your area.  

  • Musicians:  Live bands are extremely popular with graduates. Do you know a high school band or garage band that would love to make their debut at your party? Invite them to play a few songs.

  • Bungee RunRent BIG Games for big kids:  Grads love bungee boxing, bungee basketball, and bungee bull ride. Inflatable ones will keep the grads hopping!!  And imagine the fun of a dunk tank?!  Contact your local Rental Company to see what they have to offer. We may have some rental companies in your area listed in our Local Products & Services section.

  • Photo Booth:  Photo booths are very popular! Just make sure everyone gets a turn.

  • Caricaturist:  What a fun gift for all your gradís fellow students, family and friends. This is VERY popular with the kids.  Look in our Local Products & Services section for caricaturists.
  • Graduation Party GamesGambling:  Bring the thrill of Vegas to your party. Of course it's just for fun ... and it's LOTS of fun. Look in our Local Products & Services section for casino/gambling entertainment rentals. Ask a few dads to be the dealers. It's a great way to get them involved.

  • Face painter:  School logos, shooting stars, or symbols from school activities would be popular for students (and your smaller guests would love it too). Look on our Local Products & Services section or Google face painters in your area.

  • Handwriting Analyst:  Offers an intriguing look at your personality. Check our Local Products & Services section.
  • Palm Reader or Fortune Teller:  Foreseeing a positive future is every graduateís wish (and their parent's!). Look in our Local Products & Services section for palm readers or fortune tellers.

  • Yard Games:  Set up some backyard games like: volleyball, croquet, bocce ball, horseshoes or bean bag toss. Check with family, friends and neighbors to see if they have any outdoor games you can borrow.

  • Board Games:  Use your favorite board games as centerpieces for your tables. How about some of our favorites - checkers, Yahtzee, Connect 4, Chutes & Ladders, Trouble, Apples to Apples, decks of cards? Chances are you have plenty of these around your house already. If not, check with friends, family and neighbors to see what you can borrow.