Chocolate Fountains are Great for Graduation Parties


Chocolate FountainDare to be different! Wow your guests with a chocolate fountain.


The warm, continuous, cascading waterfall of chocolate makes your party special. The chocolate fountain is unique, fun and an unforgettable conversation piece. Your guests will delight in dipping their favorite fruits, pastries, or other items into rich, creamy, milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate. It's a wonderfully decadent chocolate experience they can't wait to tell their friends about.


Suggested dipping items include: strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, pretzels, bananas, shortbread, dried apricots, potato chips, maraschino cherries, peanut butter cookies, graham crackers, biscotti, Oreos, cream puffs, rice crispy bars, pound cake and peanut butter spoons. Five to seven items are recommended, including at least one salty item.


Avoid items that could fall apart in the fountain and clog it like soft cake or fruit that doesn’t stay on the skewer safely.


Why Rent?

If you want to avoid the stress of set up, spillage and potential clogging rent one!


It often comes with a professional server! The server arrives 30 minutes before the party and sets up the fountain area. Since they know the temperature controls they will get the chocolate to flow smoothly and keep it flowing smoothly.


A professional server will also provide instructions to all of your guests on how to dip, makes sure they are using plates, refill the dipping items and the chocolate as it is consumed.


Kids love to stick their fingers in, intentionally or unintentionally, and "double dip" their items. An attendant will keep them from doing it. They will also retrieve any items that might fall in without a making huge mess.


Best of all they clean up the area at the end of the party and take the fountain away! Cleaning a chocolate fountain is a painstaking, difficult job.


Unless you hire a professional do not plan to serve a chocolate fountain for more than 3 hours. Keeping it the right consistency for much longer is really challenging.


Want to be really different?

Consider using colored chocolate. Pink is a popular color for girls.


Caramel, which is popular in the fall with apples or cheese, is another alternative. Ask a rental service for options. They even have beverage dispensers.


Using your own chocolate fountain?

Chocolate Fountains come in a variety of sizes. Select one for your needs. Also look for a temperature control that is precise, a pump that is silent and smooth, and a flow tree that is stainless steel and not chrome (the chrome will flake off).


A good fountain will also have a drip guard that extends out beyond the basin.


Selecting a high quality brand of chocolate is very important. Avoid chocolate that has an excessive amount of oil in it as this effects the flavor and the smell.


In the fountain, the chocolate is heated in the basin and then carried to the top of the fountain via a rotating internal shaft or "auger". So any fruit or other "dipper" dropped into the chocolate basin can plug it up. The person attending the fountain must retrieve the piece of fruit or cake to prevent it from clogging the fountain pump. This is another great reason to rent a fountain that comes with an attendant.


Chocolate fountains are electrical appliances that require some special safety considerations:

  • Set up the fountain inside, not outdoors. It has an aroma that attracts insects and wind can blow chocolate all over your guests!
  • Supply plenty of disposable plates and napkins at the serving table and encourage your guests to use them!
  • Use decorations that will not be harmed by dripping chocolate. A patterned or dark colored tablecloth will help hide any chocolate drips.
  • Place a small garbage can near the fountain so your guests can easily discard their disposables.
  • If possible, set up the fountain on its own table just large enough to reach across and close to a power socket. Do not let the electrical cord trip people.
  • Have a stain remover stick on hand for any chocolate spills before they set.