Kindergarten & Preschool Graduations


Graduation Cap and Gown

Graduation Cap and Tassel

Preschool & Kindergarten Graduation Announcements

Kids Graduation Card

Graduation Cap and Gown Pkgs from Rhyme University

Graduation Cap & Tassel from Rhyme University

Preschool & Kindergarten Grad Announcements

Kids Graduation Cards

Starting at $15.95

$5.95 each

More than 10 colors to choose from.

$10.49-$36.49 & up

12-48+ per pkg

Multiple colors

$10.49-$36.49 & up

12-48+ per pkg

Multiple colors





Kindergarten Graduation Invitation

Graduation Diplomas

Graduation Medallions

Graduation T-shirt

Invitations & Program Covers from Rhyme University

Graduation Diplomas from Rhyme University

Graduation Rings & Medallions from Rhyme University

Graduation T-shirts & Sweatshirts from Rhyme University

$0.25-$0.35 each. Kindergarten & Preschool invitations & program covers.

$0.50 each. Kindergarten & Preschool.

$3.50-$4.95 each

$6.95 & up each. Selection of t-shirts & sweatshirts.





Graduation Party Packages

Graduation Party Decorations

Autograph Toys

Graduation Party Candy

Graduation Party Packages from Rhyme University

Graduation Party Decorations

Autograph Toys & Graduation Bears

Graduation Party Candy & Treats

$19.95 per pkg (up to 25 students per pkg)

Balloons, banners, tableware and more.

Starting at $5.00

M&M's, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Chocolate Bars and more.





Graduation Gift Books

Graduation Banners



Graduation Gift Books from Amazon

Graduation Banners from Shindigz



Graduation and inspirational books.


80+ styles, multiple sizes.

Choose your own colors

& text.









Grade School GraduationsMany people like to celebrate younger graduations too. Pre-school and Kindergarten are especially popular.  Usually these graduations are celebrated by class or grade.


Rhyme University offers a variety of products for your young graduate.

  • Graduation Caps
  • Graduation Gowns
  • Graduation Tassels
  • Graduation Diplomas
  • Graduation Medallions
  • Graduation Sashes
  • Program Covers

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